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Here are a few of the families that have shared their adventures with us.......

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"Vouchers received today, thank you so much, we will forward pictures when we go"


"I would like to say thank you so much for the vouchers for my Son, we had a lovely day out, and it brought a smile to his face"


"Thank you so much for Legoland Tickets the girls loved it and didn't want to come home"



"Thank you to the Lexi May Trust and Calypso Charters for getting our Daughter and our family out on a Boat after a 6 month stay in hospital"


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a fabulous day at Legoland.  It rained all day but that did not stop us enjoying ourselves, the childrens's smiles said it all".  

One excited boy to come home today to this! A family day to Legoland! Thanks to The Lexi May Trust for thinking of our special boy!

This means so much, Eddie came into our world not moving or breathing and needed resusciation, as a result he has brain damage causing gross and fine motor damage, speech/learning and mental age problems and more!

We are so grateful to be thought of, Eddie is excluded from a lot of activities due to his condition (cerebal palsy) family time often gets put aside when your child is very poorly or has a condition like Eddies.

A lot of our time is spent hospitals or just trying to manage.

Having gifts like this makes things seem much better at times when you feel you have had enough of worrrying or fighting.

I felt tears as i saw Ed's face light up but also i naturally thought of little Lexi, and felt mixed emotions of sadness that she isnt here and what she went through along with her family. Then i felt happy tears that Lexi's courage was passsed to her parents and sisters which is used in a way, that Lexi would be so proud of.

Again a huge thank you, its come at a time when fun is much needed after a few rocky months!!!

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"Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for my Daughters' annual pass to Farmer Palmers, we have been already and had lots of fun. We really are very grateful xxx"